Alvorada aims at increasing its participation in the agrobusiness market through a solid management system


Agrobusiness, one of the sustaining pillars of Brazilian economy, represented 23% of our GNP in 2015. The gross market value of production in 2016 is estimated in R$ 530 billion. Alvorada Produtos Agropecuários’s goal is to increase its participation in this huge market. Alvorada holds a consolidated record of growth in the segment since it was established in 1986.

Last year the company reached R$ 400 million in sales in its 17 stores in six states of north and center-west. The company’s Vision for the Future is to triple its sales and expand to 60 stores by 2020.

Once the goal is defined, to pave the way is the challenge Director Feres Soubhia is facing and he has trusted Aquila with the task of providing the management methods and tools that will enable the company to accomplish its ambition. The project started in 2015 and will be developed in three years. The result will be a substantial enhancement of Alvorada’s management maturity.

The first year’s targets are to divulge PDCA method in all the network stores, for over 200 salesmen; to train the collaborators in a Program of Managers Training; to train the leaders in the course People Management and Leadership, provided by Aquila’s Management School; to establish a model store based on Process Management using Virtual Factories; and Zero-Based Budgeting, which was initially planned for the second year but was anticipated in view of the high effectiveness obtained in the development of all activities.

For the second year, the flight plan will proceed with the replication of the model store for the other commercial units, implementation of the Program of Excellence in Projects, Standardization and Routine Management. Strategic Management of Persons that have a Variable Remuneration, which introduces meritocracy in the organization, will also be implemented.

The third and last year will be market by the introduction of specific advanced methods. Strategic Alignment will be carried out and Advanced Routine Management will be implemented. In parallel, training will be carried out in Retail Sales Management and in higher levels of Six Sigma.

The results are closely followed by the sponsor Feres Soubhia and by the project manager Marcelo Ambrizzi. “I have been following every day the activities of our collaborators and I’m impressed. Some have simpler activities, others have more sophisticated activities, but the important point is to act to obtain results… we want to continue to be a forefront company and this depends on the collaborators”, says Feres.

Management Ritual conducted by Aquila partners Danilo Filho and Igor Rabelo and by consultant Amauri Junior in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.

Management Ritual conducted by Aquila partners Danilo Filho and Igor Rabelo and by consultant Amauri Junior in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.

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