Time to bring it home!

It is worthless to establish challenging goals if the organisation does not have a systemic routine for following up results.

The discipline in the result’s follow up is the key for success in reaching goals.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of strategies fail due to problems in the execution.

Many companies do not have the discipline of tracking results. In many cases, in those organisations that have such routine, the meetings are focused on justifications and explanations in which the cause of the deviations are not identified with assertiveness.

The management rituals should happen systematically in all management levels. It is important to evaluate the indicator’s results comparing the actuals to the planned values.

The root cause of the problems must be sought. It is essential to use the cause and effect diagram, also known as Ishikawa Diagram or Fishbone Diagram, to organise the ideas and help prioritising the causes.

It is important that, as a product of each management ritual, a comprehensive Action Plan is created and validated by all stakeholders. Not achieving the target is not a reason for desperation if the company has well defined corrective plans.

A routine of following up results enables a systematic assessment of the evolution of the goals and the execution of the Actions Plans.

Does your company systematically assess its results and defines effective corrective Action Plans?


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